Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Nothing is Better than God"

Yesterday, my 7 year old son was humming a nice tune that he made up. I asked him to write down the lyrics.
"Nothing is better than God

Nothing is better than God
Not even a bud and even my dad
Nothing is better than God
When God is with you
You won't feel blue
Nothing is better than God
You will not be sad
You wouldn't feel bad
Nothing is better than God
He made hogs and he made bugs,
Nothing is better than God.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Officially on Vacation

Yay! We're officially on vacation! Riel just had his 4th quarter portfolio review yesterday and Aethan took his Grade 1 diagnostic exam.  Praise God! (Thank you Teacher Girlie and Mommy Bles for blessing us with your encouraging words.)

When I told the kids that it's vacation time, Riel said, "Yippee! Can we now do our chemistry experiments, mom?" and when we were home, Riel again said, "Is it really vacation, mom? But I still want to study.."  Lol...Who said that learning stops during vacation time?

When friends and relatives ask me how long you need to homeschool, I would always tell them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months year after year.  Homeschool instilled in my kids the love to learn and as I look back at the day we decided to homeschool, there were doubts in my mind if I would really be capable to do it... Won't I be "short-changing" my kids.  Now that we will be on our 3rd year, I cannot think of even one reason to stop. I cannot imagine myself teaching chemistry, trigo or geometry but more than that I cannot imagine a life "after homeschool".  I know that I am not the most qualified teacher - there are more people who are better equipped to teach my kids - but my confidence comes from the knowledge that God has called me to do this and by His power, He has granted me everything I need (2 Peter1:3).  His grace is sufficient for me.

Sharing again some more "quotable quotes" from my kids ...

3/3/11 (after watching the news that Paquito Diaz - the actor- died of cancer)
Riel: daddy, do all daddies die of cancer? (probably thinking of Alvin's dad who died of Cancer also)
Aethan: No kuya,only when you are old...
riel: I'm really going to miss you dad (crying, hugging dad tightly)... What if you're going to die in a month and its already Dec 25, how can we celebrate Christmas?

March 2011
Riel slept between me and Alvin and he woke me up at 2am saying:
"Mom, I can't sleep. Can you and dad both stop snoring first."

March 12, 2011
During our outreach (This was after the 8.9 earthquake in Japan), Riel sent me a text message using his Lola's cellphone: he said "Mommy, I am so worried about you! Are you and daddy still alive? I was worried when you didn't go home for lunch! Please text me when you have time. thank you."

March 29 2011
Aethan:  Mommy!!! Read this book first please.
Riel: Mommy!!! My book first please....
Aethan: Kuya, my book should be first because this book is about God
Riel: No, my book should be first because this is about the creations of God...

months before, Riel asked his dad what you call the fats on his tummy. Mommy said they're bilbil. Daddy said they're muscles.
Aethan: What is bilbil kuya?
Riel: Bilbil means muscles

On our way home from Wushu, when we take the cab, Riel and Aethan would hear me sharing the gospel to the driver.  Today, I slept instead of sharing the gospel and when we were home, Riel asked, "Mommy, why didn't you share the gospel today?" I told him I was too sleepy and he said "You should share the gospel even if you're sleepy mommy.".

Thank you Lord for giving me an accountability partner :-)

The Lord answered our prayer to have a Veggietales Bible for the kids.  From the time Riel got this Bible, his first words when he wakes up are: "Mom, where's my Veggietales Bible?" and then he reads and reads and reads....Mom, I want to be in Exodus next week...
To this aethan said 'Will you read the Bible even in the afternoon ? even at night?
Riel said: Yes, nothing will stop me from reading my Bible even If I'm about to die! I need it more than food!

talking to his dad, Riel said that one thing that would make him really sad is if his dad and I would separate just like what happened to his Lolo Papang and Lola Mamang...He said, "If that happens dad, I will always cry..."

Mom, why is gossiping a sin? what is bad about talking aobut other people?
Is it the same as tattling?

Thank you, Lord, I would always treasure every moment, every memory, every word ....