Friday, February 24, 2012

Astronomy Lapbooks

We are presently studying Fulbright's 'Exploring Creation with Astronomy'.

As we study Astronomy, I was able to appreciate more the wonderful creation of God and I am amazed that He chose to fill Earth with His glory! (Isaiah 6:3) This shows me how great is God's love for us... for me ... and this moves me to respond to His love, to repent, to pursue intimacy with Him and I pray that I would be able to glorify Him in everything ... with all my being. (quiet time thoughts - 5/3/12)

Make your own Mercury

I got most templates (and ideas)  for our lapbooks from the following websites.
1. in the hands of a
5. squidoo
7. National Geographic
8.Planet riddles from - Riel also made his own riddles
9. Magic School Bus 'Lost in the Solar System' - video and book

Cover of Aethan's Planet Lapbook
Inside the Lapbook
Riel's Planet Lapbook cover
Inside the Lapbook

Mercury and Venus

Earth and Mars

Cover of Riel and Aethan's Moon Lapbook

Inside the moon lapbook

cover our Comet Lapbook

Inside the comet lapbook

Cover of Sun Lapbook

The Planets in relation to the Sun

Inside the Sun Lapbook