Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Riel's Dream

Riel is always all ears when I talk to them about eternal life.  He would repeatedly ask me if he is indeed "saved".  Being more emotional than Aethan, he would cry and recall the things he did in the past that he knows displeased the Lord.  I would tell him that Jesus loves him and if we repent then Jesus is faithful to forgive us.  I told him that Jesus has already paid for all our sins when He died on the cross for us.

Last week when I was talking to Riel about a 'disobedient act', he cried (really cried!!!) and said, "Mommy, If the Holy Spirit is in me, why is Jesus not changing me to become better? I feel like I'm more disobedient now than before. What if I'm not really saved?"  I hugged him and comforted him.  I reminded him first about God's promises - that when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we will have eternal life - that we will be with Him in heaven, that He will never leave us nor forsake us, that He will never allow anything to snatch us out of His hand. I  I told Him that our God is a promise keeper - He will never say something He will not do and He can never lie.  We ended with a prayer.

This morning, Riel woke up crying. "Mommy, I had a dream",  he said. I thought it was a nightmare but he continued, 'I had a dream about Jesus.  We were on top of the mountain and He said to me, "I promise that you will be the first to go to heaven and that you will be with Me in heaven."  I rushed to him and asked, "Jesus, just spoke to you, anak, why are you crying?" and Riel said, "These are tears of joy, mommy!" 

We continued talking about his dream... (now both of us were crying. lol )  I asked him to write it down so he won't forget it.  I told him that if time would come that he would doubt God's promises, I will show him the note as a reminder of his encounter with God.   Praise God!  Thank you, Lord, that at such a young age, you have revealed Yourself to my son.  You have comforted him in a way I can never do.   Be with my children, Lord, as they grow.  Never leave them, hold them always...


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