Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moses Lapbook

We studied the life of Moses for the whole month.  We watched 'Prince of Egypt', made a few crafts and danced! Yes, dance! :-) Stumbled upon this nice 10 plagues song - 10 plagues song

Riel, my son, also suggested, "Mom, let's make a Moses lapbook!" And so we did.

It was a fun month and we're looking forward to our next lapbook ... Abraham! ;-)

scrap materials from GDS-system template 127, papers by christy skaggs

Here are the sample pages:

Riel and Aethan's Moses lapbook

the lapbook

The 10 plagues

The burning bush

The matzo cover and Moses parting the red sea

the frog (10 plagues) made of popsicle sticks

Pretending this was the place where the princess found Moses

All these we got from these wonderful websites:
Baby Moses
Burning Bush
matzo cover
coloring pages
other crafts

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