Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Mom's Prayer

     Being a mom is not at all easy but it is the most challenging & rewarding task I have ever had. It has brought out the best & the worst (really!!!)  in me which made me realize that everyday, in everything, I have to live in complete (absolute!!!) dependence on God. My kids know that I love them but I want it to be more than knowing - I want them to feel my love & communicate it in a way they understand. Like when I say I love them but can't even give them my undivided attention. :-(  I multitask a lot (like all moms) but because of this, my relationship and time with my kids suffer.
     I pray that everyday, I  would be able to really love them the way God wants me to, that I may speak their language and by His grace, fill their tank to the brim that they would overflow with love for one another, for us & for others.  I pray that through my example, they would understand that God is forgiving, compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.  I pray that someday, when they are already grown-ups, they would look back with fond memories of a happy home.
     Thank God His mercies are new every morning.  Every morning is God's gift to me, a chance to start over.  Jesus, please mold me to be the mom you want me to be, the mom my kids deserve.

credits: Verena Karolyi's Great Love kit  from GDS. Layout for the Supreme Team Contest Round 3

Debra Anderson's Black Balloon kit from GDS: Layout for the Supreme Team Contest Round 2

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