Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All About Alvin

Since Father's Day is near, I'm working double time to make several 'daddy layouts'.... I just love doing this year after year because I'm really thankful that the Lord has given me not just a lifetime partner but  also a wonderful  dad for the kids He has entrusted to us.

Here's the first:
credits:Andrea Gold's Sunny Moods kit, trixie scraps generations frame,WA by WA World
     Riel & Aethan enjoy playing basketball. It's amazing how their love for the sport grew. Thanks to their Dad!  Alvin is very intentional in training our kids. He would watch NBA & PBA with them, sometimes even college basketball. It's  funny to see them do this together  because they cheer for different teams. Aethan likes Chicago Bulls, Riel likes Miami & Alvin cheers for Lakers. Alvin patiently teaches them theories, he shows them videos of plays & brings them to the basketball  courts near our house so they can play with other kids - even those they don't know - to test their skills. Alvin said this was how he learned to play. Someday, when they're asked,'who taught you how to play basketball?' They would say - MY DAD DID !

Sophiespice by Debra Anderson, Pink Alpha by Holly Ann
JJ scrapping-snow overlay,  buttons by ronna penner
A father's love - song by Bob Carlisle

some of my favorite Daddy layouts:

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