Monday, December 02, 2013

Our Chocolate Love Story

        My kids love everything chocolate ... from milk to spreads to ice cream! I guess our love story with chocolates started in the womb. When I was  pregnant with my first child, I ate M&Ms and  Chocolate Sundae (almost) everyday.  Working near McDonald's didn't help at all. My excuse: I can't feel my baby move. I want to make sure he is alive. (lame, I know. lol) The moment I eat my M&Ms, Michael would do his somersaults inside me and I would be comforted.

     That wasn't a very good idea, I know.  It was by God's grace alone that my blood sugar level was still normal but I did gain a lot of weight.  I only realized I was getting bigger and bigger when I saw myself in a photo.  When I asked my husband  about it, he sweetly said, "I didn't notice it at all. For me, you still look like the Ayenn I married on our wedding day."

No Wonder my kids love to each chocolates!
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We couldn't say no to the world's biggest Hershey bar.

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