Thursday, January 19, 2012

Avilon Zoo

     We celebrated Aethan's 7th birthday in Avilon Zoo. This 7.5-hectare  facility in Rodriguez, Rizal is  currently the largest zoological institution in the Philippines. The kids were excited to see the animals which they just see in our zoology books come to life.   We spent 5 hours there and yet we felt we needed more time.  They said that by this year, they would be adding big mammals like elephants - so we will definitely be back!

     There was no party, no balloons, no guests... just the four of us - Dad, me, Riel and Aethan.  At the end of the day, Aethan said, "Mom, this is my best birthday ever!"

     Our children really don't need all those expensive gifts...all they need is undivided attention and time (both quantity and quality time) with mom and dad.

with the Philippine eagle owl and Green Wing macaw
andrea gold template 817,wild web designs, WA World, Mandy King
with the Philippine Sea eagle, Philppine eagle owl and Philippine Hawk eagle
andrea gold template 696, BonnieBlou designs, Delicious scraps, Linda Renee, Jolly kIds, Snips and Snails

Bethie, Brenda of Millstream
Andrea Gold template 617, Amanda and Millie designdorible digital,Jaimeedesigns

credits: Noreimerreason template 48, Amanda Sok, Brandy Murry

credits: WyldWebDesigns, Wishing Well creations, Puffy Alpha

The caniforms  (credits:Aida Scrap template, Mye De Leon Pet lover kit)   

Order Rodentia credits: monkeying around kit by mandy king andpixels by Jane, Kristmess

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