Saturday, October 22, 2011

Strength for Everyday

I've been battling with flu for more than a week now. I have a really bad cough and just yesterday, I lost my voice and all I can manage is a whisper.  There were nights I cried and told the Lord how much I miss the kids.  I also told Riel and Aethan that I miss them and Riel said, "but mom, we are here with you..." and I would tell him that I miss kissing and hugging them - something I cannot do because I'm sick.    In spite of this, I am able to homeschool the kids, cook, wash the clothes, clean the house and read books to them (until the time I lost my voice).  I thank God for the strength He gives me.  And as I read His Word today, I was encouraged. Dt. 33:25 says, "... As thy days, so shall thy strength be..."  Whatever kind of day I will face - 'in sickness or in health' -  the Lord has already blessed me with enough strength! Isn't that comforting?!!

Ray Pritchard illustrated the verse beautifully.  He said, "Some days are filled with joy, light, and happiness; others with sadness, tears, frustration, pain, and heartache. Whatever each day brings, there will be strength enough to meet it... God will give strength to all our days until the end of our days. We will run out of days before we run out of God’s strength. The more days, the more strength God gives". 

The Lord knows when to heal me and I know He will, in His perfect time. And as I continue to battle this flu, His strength is more than adequate for me.

I cannot thank you enough, Lord, for another wonderful day that you have prepared for me.  Though my body is weak, my spirit is rejoicing for what is one day with flu when you are with me.


  1. I hope you're feeling better now.

  2. Are you feeling better now?

  3. Hi Susan and Sarah...thank you! yes, I feel much better, although, I still sound like an