Friday, March 21, 2014

Super Saturday Sale

Mom and Dad are being highlighted today in the Super Saturday sale! Leaving a Legacy Designs has Mother Knows Best and Man Oh Man! for $2 each today only!  photo LLD_SSMARCH22_zps4b5e14e8.jpg BUYIT

Sample Layouts by Kimberly and other team layouts:

LLD_MOM_LO3 mom2 LLD_MOM_LO1w jenn
 [caption id="attachment_6885" align="alignnone" width="600"]Man Oh Man!
LeavingaLegacyDesigns-Dad-MeampMyDaddy_zpsa08b9a51Man Oh Man![/caption] LLD_DAD_LO1web LLD_DAD_LO2web LLD_DAD_LO1_nanscraps-copy apa_k LLD_DAD_LOSpeedscrapweb LLD_DAD_PREVIEWSNP LLD_DAD_wordbitssnp BUYIT LLD_MOM_PREVIEWSNP MompapersSNP BUYIT

 Be sure to check out the word art which is only $2 as well! BUYIT

My layouts using Mother Knows Best

with my son

combined with Painted Love by Leaving A Legacy Designs
WA by WA world, Template by Scraps by Missy

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