Friday, April 18, 2014

The Story of Ernie

     Ernie was handed down to Michael by his uncle Johlo when he was around 3 years old. Since then, he wouldn't sleep without it because he felt Ernie would feel abandoned and sad.  Michael would lovingly put it on his head and cover his eyes with it.  He would always ask us to bring it when we go out of town.

     Michael cried when Ernie got all worn-out.  I had to sew it several times and we even bought a new shirt for it (which we got from a pet shop) just to cover the stitches.

     Aethan, on the other hand has a small hotdog pillow which he fondly calls "pompom".  Like his brother, he would hug it at night.  He would hold a part of it between his thumb and forefinger and rub it until he falls asleep.

     In January 2014, a few months after Michael turned 10, He finally asked me to keep Ernie. He was teary eyed when he did this.   He said, it was because he wants to preserve it so that If God will give him a son in the future, he can also enjoy playing with it as much as he did.  After 2 months, Aethan followed his kuya's example.

My boys are not babies anymore :-(

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