Monday, March 21, 2011

Foundation Day

09.25.08. Foundation Day of CCA.Day2
          Our most awaited day came. We all woke up early, excited to watch Riel in the ‘Little Mr. & Ms. CCA competition. Daddy took a leave from work to watch his ‘little big man’ on stage. Our 3 y/o Aethan was also very supportive of kuya. He was daddy’s assistant photographer all throughout the event. Alvin’s mom also came all the way from Cavite to watch the event.
          Riel wore his ‘Americana’ for the formal wear competition. This has a sentimental value for Alvin and me because this was what my brother wore during our wedding. We cheered for Riel as he and leana confidently and gracefully went up the stage and introduced themselves. He wore Uncle Johlo’s karate uniform for the sportswear competition. For the talent portion, Riel recited the whole Psalm 91. A lot of people were amazed at how a 4 year old boy can memorize such a long chapter in the Bible. We only had barely 2 weeks to prepare for it but it but prior to the competition, I was already asking Riel to copy Psalm 91 for our writing exercises. It paid off. (BTW, this is Riel’s 3rd memory chapter! Glory to God! We will be working on his 4th chapter soon)
            Riel was also the only boy who who was able to answer the question in the Q&A portion. The question was, “If you were given a chance to meet the Lord today, what will you ask Him and why” and He said , “I will pray because praying is talking to God. I will ask for a ‘voice changer’ coz I already memorized Psalm 91. (the voice changer is one of the Ben 10 toys he has been asking the Lord for months and when we started memorizing Psalm 91, we promised it to him as a reward). For the girls, only Leana, his partner, gave a wonderful answer. The rest of the contestants either stood there silently or gave a “one word answer’ like “food”.
          In the end, Riel was awarded ‘first runner-up’ and Leana, her partner, won ‘Ms. friendship’. Glory to God!
          It was indeed a tiring but fulfilling week for us… something I would want to go through again. Praise God for His sustenance. I give Him back the glory for the confidence and wisdom He gave our little boys.

Riel's Psalm 91 video Psalm 91

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