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From the Mouth of Babes Part 5

Written on Sept. 16, 2009

"...Hope that is seen is not hope; for who hopes for what he already sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it. " (Romans 8:24)

Hope is something nobody can take from us ... it's not just being optimistic about the future but being sure that the future that was promised will come to pass. It is very important to teach our kids not only what hope is but who the object of our hope should be - Jesus - the author and perfecter of our faith.

Alvin and I have dreams we have not reached yet and we share these dreams to our kids. I praise God because we have seen in them this hope - not just for their future but for the life after this. Riel said one day, "Mommy, I want Jesus to be back now!" What sincere longing from a child - who have seen not with his eyes but with his heart.

From The Mouth of Babes Part 5
(sharing more 'quotes' from my kids that I was able to jot down...Some of them made us laugh, some tug at our heartstrings. Riel and Aethan always remind us how uncomplicated life should be. They remind us of the things that really matter.

As Riel was browsing his dictionary he said:
Riel: Look at this mommy, If you spell the word evil backwards, it reads "live"

Riel said, "Mommy, I am lost without you.."

A week after the house blessing of a friend, I checked our camera so that I can transfer the pictures taken with one of my best friends. When I cant find the pictures, Riel said he deleted them. I asked why, he said "mommy, not everyone was looking at the camera so I deleted them all"

Nestea tagline says "it will make you hotter (sexier)"
Riel said, Mommy don't you want to drink nestea iced tea,it says it will make you hotter, maybe like human torch?

Riel: Mommy, I can't connect to the internet,can you please pray?

Every week, I pick up words from Riel & Aethan's dictionary and write them on a whiteboard. We call them 'words for the day' (or week). I don't actually ask them to memorize the words but we try to use them in our everyday conversation. One of the words posted this week is abandon - meaning 'to leave'. As I was preparing to leave for our Tuesday dgroup, Riel came to me crying and he said, "Mommy, I'll miss you! Are you going to abandon us now?"

7/9/09 - "Mommy, why can't we feel that the earth is going around the sun...?"

While putting their toys back to the respective cabinets, Aethan said,"Kuya, look at this".
Riel said: "I can't look at that now Aethan. I'm doing some hard work here".

Riel: Mommy, did God ask you to look for a husband and then you went to the movie house and found daddy there?

Aethan: Mommy, how did we go out of your tummy? Did we punch your tummy from inside and then went out?

Riel: Mommy, I want God to give me a wife when I am an adult.
Mommy: He will, baby. You also have to pray for that. What kind of wife did mommy and daddy tell you to look for again?
Riel: Someone who loves Jesus! And I will ask her, "Do you have Jesus in your heart?" and if she says 'no' then I know that she is not the wife the Lord will give me."

Riel: Mommy, when Jesus is with us already can I ask Him to make another dinosaur so I can make it my pet?

Riel: Mommy, how do you kill a scorpion?
Mommy: (thinking) ahhhmmm...slap it with a slipper?
Riel: that's for a cockroach mommy
Mommy: cut it with a sword?
Riel: Mommy, that's violent
Mommy: How, baby, tell me...
Riel: Starts with P and ends with Y
Mommy: PRAY!
Riel: very good mommy!

Riel: Mommy, when I grow up, I want to help in homeschool too. I want to be a teacher too!

Riel: Mommy, I would like our house to have 3 floors. I want to put a library on the first and second floor and I would like the 3rd floor to be my laboratory.

Last night While the kids were pretending to be adults already and Alvin was pretending to be old, Riel said, "Daddy, this medal is for you. Thank you for being a responsible father when we were kids!"

This afternoon before he took his nap, Riel said, "Mommy, I will obey you because I love you."


Spend time with your kids. Hear their thoughts. Record magic moments. Let them know that you cherish them more than any treasure. And most importantly, make them experience the love of God through your love.

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