Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egyptian Burial Chamber

We made our own Egyptian burial chamber after we studied Amenhotep IV, King Tut & Ramses II. We were amazed to know that King Tut's actual coffin had 4 layers with the 3rd made of 2,500 pounds of pure gold! For the project, we used dad's old shoe box wrapped it with homemade wrapping paper (painted by Riel and Aethan). We used clay to make our mummy and the kids covered it with plaster of paris bandage & painted it. We also made canopic jars out of clay and old paint containers. On the right is Riel's write-up on his own "made-up" egyptian mummy.

Riel's write-up:
"My pharoh's name is Tutankhotep. Tutankhotep had 3 sons. They were Khufotep, Tutankhotep II and Ramsotep. Tutankhotep's tomb was designed w/ hieroglyphics,ziggurats, pyramids,wall paintings,scarab beetle & a golden floor.He only worshipped 1 god named Aten. In his tomb,there was a statue of Aten. We also placed canopic jars & treasures he'd like to bring in the next life. Tutankhotep's coffin is made of gems. Tutankhotep put also his boat & his pet cat.His cat  was mummified.The cat represents  the god Bastet. Tutankhotep died at  age 84.No one knew how he died. Before he died, he made the tallest  pyramid.1 of them was his tomb.Other pharoahs made it their tomb, too."


(Got this idea from
For the layout, I used a paper by sweet digiscraps,stars from 2peas, publiscrap template,tag by Keri Schueller,WA by cottage arts

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