Monday, March 21, 2011

Babies’ Prayer

Written on Sept. 2007

    As Alvin and I try to instruct our kids on prayer,  God also teaches us nuggets of wisdom through them.  Truly,  From the lips of children and infants the Lord has  ordained praise (Ps 8:2)
Lessons on Prayer
  •     After a very tiring day, we tucked our kids to bed and asked them to sleep. Riel said, "But mommy, we did not pray yet."  My kids have been our constant reminder to pray as a family at all times.  We pray together for our  needs from the most trivial one to the most important, from their safety to their salvation.
  •     At their young age, (Riel is 4 and Aethan is 3 yrs old), my kids already know how to pray for their hearts desire.  Sometimes they would pray for a toy pinocchio, a gingerbread cookie and even a hamburger and french fries from McDonald's.  They sometimes pray the same prayer request for months.  Even if it takes months before they get it, and even if they don’t get them at all, they never complain.  They just want to talk to Jesus and let Him know their desire.  They are teaching us, adults, not to fret if we don’t get what we prayed for and to pray believing that we have already received the answer (Mk 11:24)
  • The other night, before our family prayer time, I asked Riel what he wants to pray for.  He said "Mommy, I want to pray for tomorrow".   Alvin and I were so blessed when we heard this from him.  He did not ask for anything material but he is already  learning to entrust his life to our Lord.  Our daily walk is in God’s hand.  "For in him we live and move and have our being" .(Acts 17:28).  We should teach our kids the power of prayer… that it need not be formal but conversational … just talking to Jesus and being grateful for everything.  When my kids get a wound, they would ask me to pray for it.  When there’s traffic, they would ask me to pray.  They would shout, "Mommy, there’s traffic, please pray!".  And I can see the awe in their eyes when their prayers are answered.
  • Pray for each other and pray for others.  I learned the power this brings from our Dgroup.  What a privilege we have that we are able to pray for others and share with their grief and joy.  During one of their afternoon naps, my babies were awakened by the sound of thunder.  Riel said, "Mommy, let’s pray for daddy because he’ll be stuck in the office".
Yes, prayer is caught, not taught.  And our part is not to worry but pray.
Glory to God!

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