Monday, March 21, 2011

Seeing God's Hand in Ondoy

Written on Oct. 27, 2009

In Just one day, God has manifested a lot about His character and He gave us the grace to personally experience them amidst the storm.

After our GLC class, we had lunch fellowship with our dgroup. By the time we finished lunch, it was too late for us to go home. There were no taxis and the buses were not moving. We were stranded in Megamall. I thanked the Lord at that very moment.I told Him - "I'd choose to be stranded here than anywhere else". It was bonding time for us and the kids and the kids enjoyed the experience. We were able to go around Toy Kingdom unmindful of the time and they were able to play and run around Megamall. God gave them a big playground! GOD showed us THAT HE IS OUR SHELTER FROM THE STORM! HE'S THE GOD OF ALL COMFORT!

By accident, through a text from Alvin's mom who's in Cavite, we learned that my brother was also stranded in Ortigas area. When I learned this, I gave thanks and praised God. My brother has a car - we don't. The Lord has provided a way for us to go home! GOD IS OUR VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE!

There were a lot more things we praised God for. If we left the class early or left a minute late, we could have been stranded in a bus or in one of the flooded streets and we couldn't have met my brother. GOD'S TIMING IS ALWAYS PERFECT! HE IS NEVER LATE!

The street between St. Francis and Megamall was already flooded by the time we went out of St. Francis. As we tried to cross, the kids said 'Wow!'. They enjoyed jumping through flooded water and playing with the rain. And because our shoes were all wet, we went to SM to buy slippers amd we thanked God again because slippers were on sale! The kids loved their new Justice League slippers which only cost P49 / pair! THE LORD IS COMPASSIONATE AND GRACIOUS! HE KNOWS ALL OUR NEEDS!

When we finally met my brother in Mega, He brought us to a small hotel in Pasig. We thanked God for the phone, the food, the nice bed and the TV. It was only then that we learned about the extent of the damage caused by the flood. We prayed, cried and thanked Him for protecting not only us but our loved ones and friends. GOD IS OUR STRONG DELIVERER.

We praised God that it was just flood and not an earthquake. That it happened in the morning and not at night where a lot more could have been affected. GOD IS THE GOD WHO SEES AND HE KNOWS WHAT WE CAN BEAR. Some may not understand why it happened but it's enough to know that God knows why.

I praise God most especially for the privilege to share the little that we have to some flood victims for even giving is a grace from God. GOD IS THE GOD OF GRACE.

Lastly, Ondoy reminded me that nothing in this world is permanent. Our wealth is never measured by the things we own for we will all leave them behind when we die but wealth is measured by the things we have stored ahead of time in heaven.

Ondoy made this world less appealing to me - making me long for the time I will finally be H-O-M-E.

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