Monday, March 21, 2011

A Prayer for 2008

Written on January 7, 2008

Whatever I do, I know You see. Whenever I pray, I know You listen. Even when I don’t speak, I know you read my heart. That is why I boldly come to You, My Lord, though I am but dust and ashes.  Help me remember and hold on to Your promises to me and my family, O, Lord.   In our afflictions, let us not forget.  Our circumstances may say otherwise but to Your words I choose to hold on. Not a word from You will fall to the ground.   Thank you Lord for the desires You have planted in me and in my husband’s heart.  Give us the courage and the will to pursue them.  Thank you for the vision, the dream and the hope. Open our eyes to see the blessings You have prepared for us to claim.  Be with us, Lord, this 2008 as You have always been.  Every step, every single one, we lay at Your feet.  Do Your work in us. Make your way straight before us.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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