Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

March 21, 2011
Today is the birthday of the most wonderful man in the world.....My Alvin. He is the best husband and father in the world...and I love him so much! Happy birthday Dad!

Our 7 year old son, Riel, made this poem for his dad: I printed it and we placed it on construction papers and popsicle sticks.  He gave it to his dad at 12am this morning. :-)

Daddy I Love You
by Riel

Daddy, I love you
I love the things you do.
I love playing basketball with you.
I love what you do.
I love when you are near
because God is whom you fear.
Every time you have a test
Just be sure to give your best.
Dad I love you
and you know I always will.

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