Monday, March 21, 2011

My Homeschool Journey

Written on June 13, 2009
4 days ago, I enrolled Riel in TMA's homeschool program. I am faced with fear, anticipation, excitement, thrill, hope and joy.  Fear because I may not live up to the goals I set. Anticipation because it would mean spending quality & quantity time with my kids. Excitement as I plan their weekly lessons. Thrilled as they call me teacher-mommy. Hope because I know I could make a difference in my kids' life now and in the future.  Joy because I will be doing not only something I love to do but one thing that my Lord has commanded me to do- To train up My children the way they should go so that when they are old they will not depart from it.

As I prepared this week's lessons, I realized that I was learning a lot. Our activity about the sense of sight and the different colors wouldn't only mean asking them to color the rainbow but also explaining why the rainbow is curved when we see it in the sky, what produces the colors, why the order should always be ROYGBIV, why we can't see them at night  and most especially why God created them. I just love it!

I thank God for the privilege to homeschool. I thank him for parent partners who would help us in this great but very fulfilling task.  I thank Him for the support my husband gives me. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to mold my kids' character and values at the same time discover and nourish their God-given potentials.  I pray that the Lord will give me a bucket-full of wisdom, patience and endurance as I start my homeschool voyage.  It will not be easy but I know it will be all worth it!

During my quiet time last Wednesday, I stumbled upon an article by Warren Wiersbe which encouraged me more. He said, "When you enjoy doing something, the enjoyment gives you sufficient strength to do the task. We need the joy of the Lord to witness for Him. He's the power of our service. His Joy is our strength."

Knowing that this is His will for my family, no amount of discouragement can bring me down. I would strive harder to be the mother that God wants me to be. Nehemiah 8:10 says "...for the joy of the Lord is your strength." I would like that to be my homeschool life verse.  Today and for the rest of this journey, His joy will be my strength. 

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