Monday, March 21, 2011

Foundation Day CCA

 Written on October 3, 2008

         We were all looking forward to the foundation day celebration of CCA most especially when we learned that Riel and Leana were chosen to represent Kinder Daniel in the Little Mr. & Ms. CCA. Aside from that, all students were to participate in the mass demo and cheering competition. They devoted a whole week for practices.
          The night before the event, Typhoon Nina brought heavy rains. We had a lot of prayers that were answered with regards to this event that Susan (Leana’s mom) and I knew in our hearts that the Lord will give us a fair weather the next day. And indeed, the Lord granted each and every parents’ prayer not only for 1 day but for 2 days - throughout the duration of the event.
          We thank the Lord for these miracles.
1. A week before the event, someone volunteered to decorate the float that Riel and Leana are going to use for a minimal fee.
2. 2 days before the event, a co-worker from Susan’s school (where she works as a teacher) said he was willing to let us use his ‘owner’ for the float - FREE OF CHARGE!
3. We asked our dear friend Bombie if he can make a tarpaulin for us. Being Riel’s ninong, he said he can do it FOR FREE! praise God! We were able to get the tarp the night before the event.
4. The Lord’s guidance in making the tarp
5. We thank the Lord that more than these, he gave us new friends - Susan and Andy.
          Walvrood said that every “prayer of a believer are immediately heard by God. The tiniest whisper from a believer on earth is shouted at the courts of heaven. God hears us when we pray and our petitions reach him the moment they are formed in our hearts”.
          Though daddy was not there to witness the performance of our angels…he stayed in one street corner and waited patiently for our float to pass before he went to work. And Alvin shouted “Riel, Riel, Daddy’s here!’ at the top of his voice when our float approached the street where he was waiting.
          After the parade, we watched Aethan perform the ‘Mosquito dance’ with his classmates. Riel also participated in the mass demo and cheering competition.
          I was so proud of my ‘babies’ and it was a delight to see them participate in these activities and as I watch them, I can only mutter to myself, ‘Big na ang babies ko”.

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