Monday, March 21, 2011

We can never outgive God!

 Written on November 29, 2007

     Most Christians struggle in giving tithes because the more we earn, the more difficult it is to part with at least 10% of our earnings (Nehemiah 10:38, Malachi 3:8-1) and give it back to the Lord.  We  find a lot of reasons not to obey.

     Every month, as soon as Alvin gets his salary, we immediately separate our tithes. But this month, it was a little bit different …
and complicated (for us).

       Last Saturday, The Lord reminded me to give our tithes.  I answered, "Lord, how can we give our tithes? Since Alvin resigned, we didn’t have a steady source of income".  The Lord said, "Anak, you can get it from your garage sale". I said, "Lord, Is that included?

     We have been selling old things since Alvin resigned- and I asked the Lord, 'Lord, what about the vaccines that our babies need, their milk and the bills to be paid next week, and a lot more...".  I knew in my heart we need to obey.  I committed an amount to the Lord though I have not yet talked with Alvin. The next day, Pastor Peter answered my question during his sermon.   He quoted Psalms 24:1: "The earth is the Lord’s and all it contains.  The world, and those who dwell in it".  God reminded me that He owns everything and I don’t own even a single cent.

       He asks us to give so that we can experience His blessing.    After the service, I told Alvin what the Lord intends us to do and He agreed to give by faith, knowing that the Lord will sustain us.  If He can take care of the sparrows, He can take care of us.  And He did. In just 2 days after we gave to the Lord, He gave it
back to us more than 1000x through our garage sale!  Praises be to Him!  We can never out give God.

      Just as we sing this song, "…what can we give, that You have not given? What do we have that is not already Yours…".  It is easier to give knowing that everything is His.  Pastor said, As we experience God’s grace in our life, we will be — should be — touched to give more.

        Alvin and I experience God’s miracle everyday in our lives for we have found our LIFE - Jesus Christ

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